Bengal kittens


Kittens from our cattery are sold not earlier than 2,5 months old.The price of a kitten depends on its breeding quality type and color.Any kitten can be reserved by making a Deposit of 30-50% of the cost of a kitten. In case of refusal of redemption that You reserved a kitten a Deposit/Deposit for a kitten is not refundable.All kittens are vaccinated against viral diseases and rabies, treated against worms, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts. All kittens have a veterinary passport stamped on vaccinations, metric, the contract of sale.It is possible to deliver a kitten to other city/country. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

The status of the kittens:
Free - the kitten is sold, you may be interested in.
Reserve - for a kitten made a Deposit.
Sold - the kitten has moved to the new house.
Observation - the kitten is retained by the nursery and is seen as a possible future producer of the kennel, possible further sale of a kitten.

Бенгальские котята "R"

Родились бенгальские котята/ Bengal kittens born
DSC02678 heart DSC07683
Kanpur Cleopatra   Bennvoyagee Zahar


RICH      Boy 1*/ мальчик 1            доступен/ available

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RAMON        Boy 2*/ мальчик 2             

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 IMG 44370  IMG 44441  IMG 4450
 IMG 4397  IMG 44485  

Бенгальские котята "V"

 Bengals kittens
Dob /Дата рождения 09.07.2018
 001  heart  DSC07681
Viola Alba Lavanda   Bennvoyagee Zahar


VALET   Boy 1/ мальчик*                             свободен/ available*

новый коллаж1 новый коллаж  


 VASILISA    Girl 1/ девочка*                              свободна/ available*

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Бенгальские котята "W"

Bengals kittens
Dob /Дата рождения 09.08.2018
Oasisbengals Passion  
  Viola Alba Kventin



Girl 1/ девочка*


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Girl 4/ девочка*

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Бенгальские котята "X"

Bengals kittens
Dob /Дата рождения 16.09.2018
DSC02644 heart DSC07699
Bennvoyagee Katchoo   Bennvoyagee Zahar


 мальчик 1 /  boy      доступен/ available

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 zxLPXz8TMUg  dsc2463  


мальчик 2 / boy     доступен/ available

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Бенгальские котята "Z"

Bengals kittens
Dob /Дата рождения 28.10.2018
Kanpur Cleopatra & Bennvoyagee Zahar




Мальчик 3 / boy 3            свободен/ available

IMG 4000 IMG 4011 IMG 4017
IMG 4050 IMG 4058 IMG 4030
IMG 4037    

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