News of 2015

Oktober 10-11, 2015

International exhibition "Golden Collection".

Joyful sobytie.Rozhdёnny in our kennel British boy participated in the international exhibition

"Golden Collection", Moscow. Goofy got excellent description and evaluation of judges Ignatova E. and S. Bochkova

And was nominated for Best. And also, unanimously was the best kitten among boys in the category

Sex Kitten opposite Best.



британский кот британский кот

Jule 25-26, 2015

International exhibition "Cherry Blossom."

Our Bengali boy born in our kennel, very pleased with us.

The exhibition "cherry blossom", he received an excellent description of the judges T.Dyachuk and N.Lebedevoy CACPh2.

Nom BISh2 two days. WCF ring VII place.

Sex Kitten opposite Best.

бенгальский котенок бенгальский котенок

April 4-5,  2015

International exhibition "Gingerbread cat", Tula.

Our Apricot closed title Inter Champion and opened the International Champion!

Британский кот Абрикос Британский кот Абрикос

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