Amazongold Zita



Born 10.08.2014

Color: brown spotted tabby (BEN n24)

Father: RW SGC Koppiekatz Caesar of Amazongold

Mother: Mainstreet June of Amazongold

PK-def N / N


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RW SGC Koppiekatz Caesar

BEN n24

RW SGC Drinkwater Reno of Koppiekatz

BEN n24

Koppiekatz Margay

BEN n24

Mainstreet June Buge

BEN n24

Absolutely Teenage Crush

BEN n24

Mainstreet Lady Bug

BEN n24


date Exhibition Judge Class Result
14.03.2015g. Moscow, "Côte d'info" Kamensky G. open CACJ, Nom Bis
15.03.2015g. Moscow, "Côte d'info" Pilatova N. open CACJ
11.07.2015g. Moscow, "Côte d'info" Gudkov A.   CAC
12.07.2015g. Moscow, "Côte d'info" Gulyanskaya T.   CAC
01.08.2015g. Moscow, "Grand & Glamur" Tereshina T.   CAC

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