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Welcome to the website of kennel VIOLA ALBA. 

Kennel VIOLA ALBA welcomes you and is your pride - Cats Bengal breed.

DSC01514Bengal  - A highly intelligent, energetic and loyal animals with the appearance of a leopard.

The nursery is registered in the European system WCF and in the American system TICA.

The objective of the breeding program and nursery Bengal cats  is to get healthy and harmonious development of kittens with a balanced character, fully meet the standards of its rocks. 

All kittens are, without exception, were born within our kennel breeding thoroughbreds are representatives of their breeds. For breeding goes rigorous selection, both in the nursery and in attracting cats of Bengal cats  that meet our trebovaniyam.V breeding lines used by well-known European and Russian catteries. In the selection of study pedigrees. 

DSC09703Our cats our cattery successfully exhibited at trade shows, have titles, awards and nominations. 

Cats and kittens and the Bengal breed  grown on professional high quality feed super premium, are timely vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian.

 Perhaps it is here you will find yourself a nice friend and favorite.

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If you are interested in a kitten from our cattery, write me more about yourself - the town in which you live, whether you are interested in a kitten for breeding or in the status of "pet" Do you have a registered kennel (website address) or you are a beginner breeder?

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Moscow region
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Address: Moscow, Belorechenskaya street, 21

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